Sandro Dias doubled up took first in vert and second in bowl over at the Mystics Skate Cup '08 in Prague over the weekend as a tune up for the Maloof Money Cup this weekend. Sandro and Andy will be vying for $75,000 and the SUV for first place. They will also pay a couple of visits at the Positiv Booth for autographs and a meet and greet with the fans.


  1. Julien Benoliel - FRA $2,500
  2. Sandro Dias - BRA $1,350
  3. Jimmy “The Greek” Marcus - USA $1,000


  1. Sandro Dias - BRA $4,000
  2. Renton Millar - AUS $2,300
  3. Juergen Horrwarth - GER $1,500
  4. Neal Hendrix - USA $1,000

Andy is enjoying a much appreciated week with the family before he heads over to Santa Ana to get his share of the $500,000 in prize money at the Maloof Money Cup.

Rodney called in with a cool story about the Dew Tour in his hometown of Baltimore. He was walking around the festival village with his sister and nephews when they happened across the Woodward Skate Park. This is a mini skate park that kids are allowed to skate in at each stop of the dew tour. They were watching the kids skate and he was stoked to see something interactive like that at the event. Then he looked and saw that a number of the kids were riding his board. He ended up talking to the kids and signed some autographs and had a great time while hanging out with the nephews and his sister. They must have been stoked on uncle Rodney!

After the Maloof Money Cup, the entire team will be heading to the home of Lebron James-Cleveland, Ohio for stop #2 of the Dew Tour.