I can't believe almost a year has passed since I ventured down to the Pink Motel to visit with Positiv Skateboards' Andy Macdonald and Rodney Jones! This year's annual Airwalk Footwear shoot took place in Newport Beach, CA. The day I went down there, they were shooting more lifestyle shots than anything else, so we hung out, ate some burgers and chatted. Of course there was some skating and surfing to go down as well!

Located right on the beach in Newport was this buttery ledge that went all along the beach. Unfortunately there was a ton of sand there too, so we cleared off a section and Andy busted out a little nose slide. Then he went over for his turn in front of the white screen. Who knows what they will superimpose behind him....maybe a panther or a even a Liger! There were a few fun waves that came through too, so I framed a pic between these 2 palms.

Next up was Rodney in front of the screen. He'll probably want a pic of Obama looking over his shoulder. Apparently the theme for Rodney lately is to randomly shout out "Obama!" when you least expect it. He'd land a trick and yell out "Obama!" or the waitress would serve his food and he'd let out an "Obama!".