Well, the second largest skateboard contest ever went down over the weekend and it didn't disappoint (much).  They had the best ramp and second best street course (last years was better)

They had the biggest names in skateboarding (almost all of them), and huge stars (Snoop Dogg and Kobe Bryant).

Like last year, the MMC was held at the OC Fairgrounds during the OC fair, making for a hot, crowded weekend.

In the vert ramp, Positiv team riders Sandro Dias and Andy Macdonald were seeded directly into the semi-finals on Saturday.  There were 2 heats of 8 skaters each vying for the top 7 spots to take on last years winner PLG and take home $75,000.  New to the vert event this year was the mini mega ramp. Tricks done on the rail counted for 33.3% of the skaters scores while the remaining 66.7% was on the ramp.  This being Sandro's first time ever skating the rail, he was at a disadvantage...well that and he just had knee surgery.  He still was able to land a fair amount of tricks, but not enough to get him in the finals.  Andy was super consistent and landed multiple tricks on the rail and ramp to qualify second.

After Saturday's Semis, we headed over to the Positiv/Socal Skateshop booth for autographs and then over to the Grind for Life booth to visit and take some pics with Mike Rogers.

On Sunday, Andy again was Mr. Consistent and finished 4th.

Congrats go out to young Alex Perelson, who at 18 years young was the 4th person in history to successfully land the elusive 900 and come out of the weekend $75,000 richer.

The street course finals were up next, but after 4 days in direct sunlight I was cooked, so it was on to the 405 and an appointment with Johnnie's Pastrami.

Can't wait for next year, but I hope they have more shade and water...