Rowe from sent in a bunch of pics of the guys taken during the Boston Dew Tour. Check them out and then check out Interstate!

The guys just got done competing in Andy's hometown of Boston and here's a few excerpts from go there for all the details on the Season opener of the Dew Tour.

Local hero Andy Macdonald lived up to his title of Mr Consistency with his 3rd place finish to go along with his previous win in China and podium spot at Maloof. With stylish tricks that included linked 5's and a sweet nosegrind over the rainbow, plus nail biting landing on a frontside varial heelflip that saw him barely get the board under him before his wheels hit the ramp, Andy Mac made Boston proud.

Just missing the podium was Sandro Dias. He just skates so hard and so fast, linking back-to-back 540s, and covering more distance on the ramp than anyone else tonight.