Positiv Skateboards were very well represented this weekend in Orlando for the Dew Tour finale. Here are a few pics during and after the Vert Final shot by Rowe at. InterstateMag.com. It was shown live on NBC and replays will be on NBC and USA networks as well as Fuel TV.

Sandro Dias, Andy Macdonald and Flow rider Christian Sereika all competed in the Dew Tour finale in Orlando this past weekend. On the street side of things, Christian started out strong, but was unable to secure a spot in the finals. If you didn't know, Christian rides for a shop called Happy Rabbit. Based on these pics of him, I'd say he's more of a Happy Camper...

Before we go on to vert, I have to add that the guys do so much in the skate community. Andy had a meet and greet at the Orlando Library, autograph signings at Grind For Life and Verizon Wireless, and stopped to talk to everyone along the way. And Sandro. Sandro played videogames with lucky kids over at the Playstation uh...station and signed autographs with Andy at Grind For Life. Just walking around the event with him is an adventure. He was stopped every few feet by fans eager to wish him well. Oh yeah, Andy, Sandro and I also went Wake Skating at The Wake Park Project with ripper Ben Horan. If you ever have a chance to Wake Skate, go for it because it's super fun. Ben was blasting pop shuvits, kickflips and numerous rail tricks. I had a really good nose drag.

On to Vert! Sandro killed it in prelims and Qualified in 1st. Click on the video to see the madness! Sundays finals were especially exciting because 4 skaters were vying for the Dew Cup Championships. It was between Sandro Dias, Andy Macdonald, PLG and Bucky Lasek. There were 2 heats of vert, with the top 5 moving on to the Super Final. Going in to the Super Final, it was PLG, Andy Macdonald, Sandro Dias, Bucky Lasek and Bob Burquist. Midway through the Super Final it was our own Andy Macdoanld and Sanrdo Dias running 1st and 2nd!!! With just a few minutes to go though, Bucky Lasek put together a winning run and snatched the win...ARGH! Great show though and the guys killed it.