Sandro warming up for finals.

This year's finale was located within the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino-Awesome. The park was tucked in to The Joint-the concert venue and it was packed in there so tight that 2 of the top 5 skaters pulled out. Spoiled much? 3rd place Sheckler, 2nd went to BONES WHEELS Ryan Decenzo who was super impressive the whole night and winning the event and Championship was Chaz Ortiz.

Sundays vert final featured 2 Positiv Riders Sandro Dias and Andy Macdonald and Jim Tesnar team rider Elliott Sloan (sidenote. Elliott and his girlfriend are one of the couples to be featured on VH1's new reality show based on action sports couples). Sandro had a great 54- packed run including his gnar jar but just slipped out on his 900 attempts on the next 2 runs leaving room for Bucky to steal his spot in the superfinal. Shaun 1st, PLG 2nd, Andy Mac 3rd.

Dew Tour season results:

  1. PLG
  2. Andy Macdonald
  3. Bucky Lasek
  4. Shaun White