Las Vegas, Skateboarding and an endless supply of Mountain Dew for 4 days-that's a recipe for fun! Although competing for valuable points, Sandro and Andy took some time out for fun in the sun with a little doubles skating. When the event started though, Positiv Skateboards' Andy Macdonald and Sandro Dias took to the ramp on the pool and blasted their way to a 5th and 10th place finish. In the semi finals, Sandro was one gnar jar away from making the superfinal while Andy skated well, but was subject to some higher scores giver to other competitors. I don't know what everyone else saw, maybe I'm biased, but I'm just sayin that the scoring system may need to be reviewed. I am open to debate on the subject. Back to the superfinal-it was indeed super and it was between PLG and Shaun White to take the overall win for the season. When it was all said and done, it was PLG taking the win for the contest and season. Congrats to all!